Choosing the Right Association Management Company: Factors to Consider

Choosing the Right Association Management Company: Factors to Consider

Securing HOA fees; enforcing HOA laws; maintaining the common areas. These are just some of the responsibilities of running an HOA. When added up, they're far too cumbersome for a standard HOA board to handle.

This is why many HOA boards turn to association management companies. Looking to hire an association property management company? Wondering what to consider when making your choice?

Then read on. Here's how to choose the right association manager for your HOA community.

What Services You'll Need

First, you'll need to determine what services you'll need. Do you want your chosen management company to handle all of the responsibilities of running the HOA, or do you just want them to pick up a few responsibilities as a means of lightening your load?

HOA management companies provide all sorts of services. These run the gamut from accounting to maintenance to vendor coordination and more. Make sure your chosen management company offers the services you require.

How Much They Charge

Different HOA management companies charge different rates for their services. As such, before making a final choice, you need to inquire about what each particular service charges.

Most of these companies charge per service provided. So, they don't charge one flat rate. Their prices vary based on the services you're receiving from them.

Set a budget, determine which services you need, and find an option that meets your criteria.

What Their Other Clients Think

The best indicator of future performance is past performance. As such, before hiring a specific association management company, you should ask their other clients about their experience with them.

If their reviews are generally positive, they're likely a good choice. If they have just as many pleased clients as disgruntled clients, you might want to look elsewhere.

You can find reviews from past clients on sites like Facebook and Google. You could also ask for referrals from the management company itself.

Their Availability

Availability is important to consider as well. Not all HOA management companies are capable of being available whenever they're needed. Some simply lack the staff and resources for such availability.

Of course, you don't need to have your HOA management company on call 24/7. That said, you do need to make sure they can respond to you on at least a daily basis.

Their Experience

Your association management company needs to have some experience in the field. You can't hire a rookie management company for such an important task.

Experience isn't just a number of years. It's an opportunity to fine-tune skills and processes. If your chosen company has no experience, its skills and processes will be lacking.

We advise choosing a company with a minimum of 2 years of experience.

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