Setting Vacation Rental Rules and Guidelines for a Smooth Experience

Setting Vacation Rental Rules and Guidelines for a Smooth Experience

Were you aware that over 35 million people visit Idaho each year?

Having a vacation rental in Teton Valley can be a brilliant idea. Managing it well requires clear vacation rental rules and guidelines, though.

What are standard rules? Read on for our guide on common vacation rental rules.

Vacation Rental Checklist

Before your guests arrive, make sure everything is ready. A vacation rental checklist can help you stay organized.


Ensure the property is spotless. Clean the floors, surfaces, and bathrooms thoroughly. Fresh linens and towels should be provided.


Make sure your guests will have access to all essentials like toilet paper, soap, and trash bags. A welcome pack with coffee, tea, and snacks can be a lovely touch.


Create a welcome book with house rules, Wi-Fi password, and emergency contact numbers. This will help make the stay unbeatable.

Rental Property Tips

Managing a rental property involves several tasks. Always be clear and prompt when you speak with guests while providing all necessary information for their stay.

Regularly inspect the property for any repairs needed, and fix any issues right away to avoid inconveniencing your guests.

Add personal touches to make the property feel more welcoming, which could be local art, plants, or a guestbook for visitors to leave comments.

Holiday Home Guidelines

Setting clear holiday home guidelines is essential. These rules help guests understand what is expected of them and how to care for your property. Here are some holiday home guidelines to consider:

Check-in/Check-out Times

Clearly state the check-in and check-out times for your holiday home. This helps in scheduling cleaning and preparing for the next guests.

Noise Levels

Inform guests about quiet hours to respect neighbors and local regulations. This will ensure a peaceful stay.


If you allow pets, outline specific rules for their stay. If not, make this clear to avoid misunderstandings.

Smoking Policy

Specify whether smoking is allowed inside or outside the property. If so, providing an ashtray is nice.

Damage and Cleanliness

Explain how guests should handle accidental damage. Highlight what cleaning tasks are expected before they leave.

Travel Accommodation Rules

Clear travel accommodation rules are crucial for a smooth operation. Here are some key rules to include:

Occupancy Limits

State the maximum number of guests allowed. This prevents overcrowding and ensures everyone has enough space.


Provide details on parking arrangements. Let guests know where they can park and any restrictions.

Use of Amenities

Explain how to use appliances and amenities. This includes the washing machine, dishwasher, and any entertainment systems.

Garbage Disposal

Instruct guests on how to dispose of trash and recyclables properly. Let them know if there are extra cleaning fees if the rules aren't followed.

Every Host Needs Vacation Rental Rules and Guidelines

Setting clear vacation rental rules and guidelines is essential for a smooth experience. Using these vacation rental best practices will uplift your business and make guests happier.

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