What Are the HOA Board Responsibilities in Your Teton Valley, Idaho Community

What Are the HOA Board Responsibilities in Your Teton Valley, Idaho Community

In 2022, the Idaho Governor signed the "Homeowner's Association Act." This act governs the operation and management of homeowners associations in Idaho.

A homeowners associations' (HOAs) primary purpose is to maintain community standards and property values of the homes in the community it serves. It enforces rules and can evict residents who don't live up to the governing laws.

As you pay your HOA fees, do you wonder what the HOA board does in your Teton Valley, Idaho community? Keep reading this guide to learn more about HOA responsibilities above and beyond HOA evictions.

Maintain Property Values

HOA meetings are a great opportunity to learn more about what your association manager and board are doing to maintain the community. Are their tactics effective? Is the community thriving?

The board must enforce rules, covenants, and restrictions equally throughout the neighborhood. Rules regarding things like paint colors, the number of pets allowed per household, and parking must be enforced in order to maintain neighborhood desirability.

Keep common areas and amenities like pools, tennis courts, and bike trails looking their best.

Financial Management

One of the most important duties is to collect HOA dues and assessments. The community budget depends on all residents staying up-to-date on fees.

The board manages accounting and financial reporting. It approves the budget and maintains reserve funding for potential emergencies or unexpected expenses.

It works in coordination with professional accounting staff to keep proper records and provide transparency to homeowners.

Governance and Rule Enforcement

The HOA board has to be diligent to ensure compliance with governing documents (CC&Rs), bylaws, the Idaho Homeowners Association Act, etc.).

It acts as an impartial third party in resolving disputes within the community. It issues penalties for violations as outlined in governing documents. It issues HOA evictions.

It maintains community harmony and addresses homeowner concerns regarding things going on in the neighborhood.

Vendor Management

Taking care of the common areas and amenities involves coordinating vendors for maintenance and repairs. The board obtains bids from landscapers, snow removal companies, pool cleaners, etc.

Once contracts are negotiated, the board follows up to make sure vendors are meeting community standards. The HOA board ensures regular upkeep of common areas and amenities.

Community Involvement

An HOA board is responsible for organizing and attending annual meetings. It facilitates communication with homeowners.

It is there to address community needs and coordinate improvement projects. The board is responsible for obtaining approval from relevant regulatory bodies to make changes or build new community buildings.

Association Management: HOA Evictions and More

Now you know the responsibilities of the HOA board and association manager in Teton Valley beyond HOA evictions. Enforcing rules and good money management are key to a thriving community.

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